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Sakthi Group (Since 1921)a popular name in Southern India

that has multifarious business activities including Sugar, SG Iron foundry, Industrial Alcohol, Textiles, Transport, Finance, Dairy, Coffee Estates and Soya processing.

The Sakthi Group is an 2.0 billion US$ Industrial Conglomerate and one of the fastest growing business groups in South India. The Sakthi Group has a strong market presence in a number of Industrial Domains with a host of group companies, institutions, trusts and foundations operating under its umbrella. These organizations have been playing a significant role in shaping the economic and social development of South India.

Spreading its wings into a diverse number of Industrial, Economic and Social realms the Sakthi Group has been succeeding in its efforts to ‘create and hone value’ through its products, services and initiatives.

  • --- Kriya Sakthi
  • --- Vidya Sakthi
  • --- Gyana Sakthi
  • --- Suba Sakthi
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35 Companies
15000 Direct Employees
30000 Indirect Employees

Vertical Operations